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Ten Properties of Titanium

  1. 鈦的十大特性

I. Ten properties of titanium
◆ 密度小,比強度高: 金屬鈦的密度為4.51g/cm3,高于鋁而低于鋼、銅、鎳,但比強度位于金屬之首。
◆Low density, high specific strength: Titanium’s density is 4.51g/cm3, higher than that of aluminum, while lower than that of steel, copper and nickel, but its specific strength tops all metals’.
◆ 耐腐蝕性能: 鈦是一種非;顫姷慕饘,其平衡電位很低,在介質中的熱力學腐蝕。但實際上鈦在許多介質中很穩定,如鈦在氧化性、中性和弱還原性等介質中是耐腐蝕的。
◆ Corrosion resistance: Titanium is a kind of very active metal with low equilibrium potential and strong trend of thermodynamic corrosion in media. But, in fact, titanium is very stable in many media; take its corrosion resistance in oxidant, neutral and weak reducing and so kinds of media for instance.
◆ 耐熱性能好: 新型鈦合金可在600℃或更高的溫度下。
◆ Good heat resistance: New titanium alloy can be used for a long term under the temperature of 600℃, or more.
◆ 耐低溫性能好: 鈦合金TA7(Ti-5Al-2.5Sn),TC4(Ti-6Al-4V)和Ti-2.5Zr-1.5Mo等為代表的低溫鈦合金,其強度隨溫度的降低而提高,但塑性變化卻不大。在-196-253℃低溫下保持較好的延性及韌性,避免了金屬冷脆性,是低溫容器,貯箱等設備的理想材料。
◆ Preferable resistance to low temperature: With titanium alloy TA7Ti-5Al-2.5Sn), TC4(Ti-6Al-4V) and Ti-2.5Zr-1.5Mo and so forth as representatives of low-temperature titanium alloy, its strength grows as temperature decreases, but its plasticity doesn’t change so much. Under the low temperature of -196-253℃, it maintains preferable ductility and tenacity and avoids metals’ cold brittleness. It is the perfect material for equipments, such as, low temperature vessels and conduit heads.
◆ 抗阻尼性能強: 金屬鈦受到機械振動、電振動后,與鋼、銅金屬相比,其自身振動衰減時間最長。
◆ Strong antidumping property: When titanium is affected by mechanical vibration or electric oscillation, its vibration damping time lasts the longest time, compared to that of steel and copper.
◆ 無磁性、無毒: 鈦是無磁性金屬,在很大的磁場中也不會被磁化,無毒且與人體組織及血液有好的相溶性,所以被醫療界采用。
◆ Nonmagnetic and non-toxic: Titanium is a kind of nonmagnetic metal, even in a very big magnetic field, cannot be magnetized. It is non-toxic and has a good intermiscibility with people’s tissue and blood, so is adopted by medical field.
◆ 抗拉強度與其屈服強度接近:鈦的這一性能說明了其屈強比(抗拉強度/屈服強度)高,表示了金屬鈦材料在成形時塑性變形差。由于鈦的屈服極限與彈性模量的比值大,使鈦成型時的回彈能力大。
◆ Tensile strength almost parallels yield strength: Titanium’s this property proves its high yield ratio (tensile strength/ yield strength), and indicates its poor plastic deformation in taking shape. Its resilience is strong during shaping, because titanium’s ratio of yield limit to elasticity modulus is high.
◆ 換熱性能好:金屬鈦的導熱系數雖然比碳鋼和銅低,但由于鈦優異的耐腐蝕性能,所以壁厚可以大大減薄,而且表面與蒸汽的換熱方式為滴狀冷凝,減少了熱組,太表面不結垢也可減少熱阻,使鈦的換熱性能顯著提高!
◆ Efficient heat exchange performance: Due to titanium’s excellent corrosion resistance, the thickness of wall can be extremely deduced; the heat exchange mode between its surface and steam is droplet condensation and its surface has no scale formation, so heat resistance is decreased; all these help improve titanium’s heat exchange performance, though its coefficient of heat conductivity is lower than that of carbon steel and copper.
◆ 彈性模量低:鈦的彈性模量在常溫時為106.4GMPa,為鋼的57%。
◆ Low elasticity modulus: At normal temperature, titanium’s elasticity modulus is 106.4GMPa, 57% of that of steel.
◆ 吸氣性能:鈦是一種化學性質非;顫姷慕饘,在高溫下可與許多元素和化合物發生反應。鈦吸氣主要指高溫下與碳、氫、氮、氧發生反應。
◆ Sorption property: Titanium is a kind of metal with very active chemical property. In high temperature, it can react with many elements and compounds. Titanium sorption mainly refers that it reacts with carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen or oxygen in high temperature.

. Three main functions of titanium
Functional materials refers to engineering materials exhibiting physical properties mainly, namely, the special properties existing in aspects, such as, electricity, magnetism, sound, light, heat, or materials exhibiting special properties effected by them. The research in titanium and its alloy has found it has three special functions which has promising application future.
1.記憶功能:鈦-鎳合金在一定環境溫度下具有單向、雙向和全方位的記憶效應,被公認是最佳記憶合金。在工程上做管接頭用于的油壓系統;石油聯合企業的輸油管路系統;直徑0.5mm絲做成的直徑500mm拋物網狀天線用于宇航飛行器上;在醫學工程上用于制作鼾癥治療;制成螺釘用于骨折愈合等。上述應用均獲得了明顯 效果。
1. Memory function: In certain ambient temperature, titanium-nickel alloy has the function of one-way, two-way and omnibearing memory effects, so it is concerned to be the best memory alloy. It proved to have positive effect in the following fields: In engineering, it is made into tube union for oil hydraulic system of fighters, oil transportation pipeline system in petroleum complex, parabolic net antennas with the diameter of 500mm made from its wire with a diameter of 0.5mm for aerospace vehicles; in medical engineering, it is used to treat snoring disease; made into screws for fracture healing, etc..
2. Superconducting function: Niobium-titanium alloy demonstrates superconducting function of zero resistance when it is lower than critical temperature.
3. Hydrogen storage function: Titanium-iron alloy has the property of hydrogen sorption, storing a large amount of hydrogen safely, and then releasing it in certain circumstances. Thus, it has a promising usage future in hydrogen separation, hydrogen purification, hydrogen storage, transportation and production of heat pump which fueled by hydrogen, storage battery and so forth.

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